As a kid I thought the show like many others were campy and weird. So now we go 40 years, another remake and Get Dax Sheperd? He is about as weird as one gets but he is normally fun to watch and his wife, Kristen bell is almost always somewhere in his movies. He plays Jon the rookie screw up and his only skill is riding a bike like a master and then we get Ponch played by Michael Pena. I always like him and he is a mole trying to find out which officers are involved in a huge covered up robbery.

Like most buddy movies this also takes awhile to take off and the next thing you know they bond, Ponch gets fired by his superior and hired by The CHIPS program to get the bad guys. They do, laughs, male to male jock strap hugs all around and Erik Estrada got a short cameo and his surgery is not as apparent as expected but damn he is tan!

Obviously not a good movie and between the 30 other reboots, remakes, sequels, prequels and others this will stay around 30th but it was in focus and fun.:)


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