What’s next?

More tests and horrors

Meaning it continues

Mendings not for me


Lots happen at once

Leaving my regular norm

Left myself naive


Things keep getting worse

Thoroughly bigger things come

They don’t go away


What is next a plague?

What kind of challenge will start?

Will I fall apart?


Do I have juice left?

Do I just disintegrate? 

Do I just end bad?




Fears are rising up

Feelings of not being well

Fears I can’t conquer…


2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com


I tried to run away but I’m not good enough

I’ve had a storied life, things that nobody knows I’ve achieved or that I have wrong with me. Many things are unbelievable. My last girlfriend used to say “but look at you”. Well my look las changed over the past couple of years and every ache, pain, ailment I had growing up have made friends with the new list and then the updated list.

My lifetime ailments include scoliosis, torn Achilles, space in between my knees, tachycardia and massive systemic cramps that have muscles go concave and lasts for extreme long times and can come regardless of weather, my conditioning or hydration.

I knew of my intermediate issues stemming from my accident and the growths, diseases, spots and more. My shoulders need steroid treatment for a year that can’t be covered. But the worst seems to be be coming to fruition. I was told a different climate would slow it down.

I had things to fix and accomplish. I achieved one. Shortly another. One disappeared on me and others had me fail miserably. The one that disappeared hurt the most, it crushed me.

I was told of really odd things that make no sense that are real personal that would occur. Now I have to see if this is just Series of small and painless things or far worse. I guess I’ll see.

Six word story number 4 part 56

“I need a much better day”

10 day Spring step workout DAY 1

This is not like my other workouts. It is not daily, so you get rest and it is harder. Meaning more work and that’s the reason to rest. Homework will be stretching on your off days and doing a set of what you did on off days to aid in recuperation.

Today will be 6 sets of 3 exercises. Step ups or bleachers and do 10-20 of them, push ups and do 2-15 reps and last will be squat hops, 6-15 reps. Simple but it will come back to you. Do not drop your hips during push ups and stay upward in the squat hops.

30-day-squat squat hops.gif


As a kid I thought the show like many others were campy and weird. So now we go 40 years, another remake and Get Dax Sheperd? He is about as weird as one gets but he is normally fun to watch and his wife, Kristen bell is almost always somewhere in his movies. He plays Jon the rookie screw up and his only skill is riding a bike like a master and then we get Ponch played by Michael Pena. I always like him and he is a mole trying to find out which officers are involved in a huge covered up robbery.

Like most buddy movies this also takes awhile to take off and the next thing you know they bond, Ponch gets fired by his superior and hired by The CHIPS program to get the bad guys. They do, laughs, male to male jock strap hugs all around and Erik Estrada got a short cameo and his surgery is not as apparent as expected but damn he is tan!

Obviously not a good movie and between the 30 other reboots, remakes, sequels, prequels and others this will stay around 30th but it was in focus and fun.:)

Arroces Contemporáneos


Publicado en Manjar (Diciembre 2016)

Arroces Contemporaneos

Es un monográfico sobre arroces, pero con un planteamiento totalmente distinto, pues Quique Dacosta (3 estrellas Michelin) ha evolucionado la cocina del arroz hasta el más alto de refinamiento gastronómico.

De impresionante fotografía, la obra está repleta de recetas de autor, mediterráneas pero con multitud de ideas exóticas que aportan un toque cosmopolita, fresco y renovador.

Una obra personal, una herramienta de trabajo y reflexión, actual, completa, de gran técnica y rigor. Perfecta para descubrir las posibilidades culinarias y gastronómicas de este maravilloso cereal.

Para los amantes del arroz en cualquiera de sus formas.

Arroces Contemporáneos Quique Dacosta, 2005

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Heartstring Eulogies

The night sky
burns with
that spell your name,
a constant
reminder of
what you left behind.

© Sarah Doughty

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