When I see results of a basketball game and see a 6 foot 8 guy miss a dunk, layup or a 3 foot shot I think….

Someone should just end their shot carving asses short. Then I see 20 misses in 6 minutes between two teams it makes me pissed as anyone with a brain should know how many sporting events are fixed. It is bad enough that fixed events like wrestling now have betting but when Lebron parties all night and announces late that after bagging 3 chicks he is too tired to play it makes me wish he had a wife screw him over like Tiger. These thieves should be felons in most people’s opinions. It is worse than harness racing…

Six word story part 4 number 55

“Good day to heal in BED”

Kentucky Derby Preps

Today has three and all are lackluster races as this year has all the makings of where the best two 3 year olds broke down, one a filly and one a colt. Normally the number is higher and this year has the UAE Derby thankfully not coming. The races are in Keeneland, Santa Anita and Aqueduct. Normally the former 2 are strong races and this year that is not the case. Normally over a good decade Tampa Bay and Aqueduct have weak fields. However, Aqueduct has a horse I loved especially with all his training and learning to be a speed horse and it failed horribly, he looked hurt at first and then just quit. That is Irish War Cry. I got a small win bet at 150-1 before his race 2 back and he can win and prove NY sucks to prep as he is searching for points or he can become a monster. His father was a monster despite early losses and losing to a filly in a race he was a cinch in, so I am just watching today.


Life is all about PAIN

Even the water in the pond

Is not still

It vibrates constantly

By the waves blowing on the surface.

Even the sky so far

gets thunder-ed !

And falls as rain…..

On the Earth.

How can one be empty and alone ??

Always remember !

There is a “lone” in “alone.”

#–“Lone is “being alone”. But “alone” is not lonely, there is a “lone”, which accompanies.–#

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