A wasn’t meant to squeak by today 

Everything I do is advanced and sometimes too many cooks in the kitchen is good or bad. I don’t think it hurt I think my week did. Too many things that were said would not come up did but I had a horrible week and me getting by on a technicality is a plus but I don’t settle like that. 

 I want to do more. I want to be more. I was obviously distracted and I started late, am not a tournament player and that put me behind the right all. Now I have to screw up on my time, read more, forget that I blanked this week and just move on. I won’t settle for just being lucky. I want more and I’ll watch, do, read, get in the box and repeat and then go to orientation and extra training and come ahead. 

Weekly Wisdom 7 April

And the Truth Spills Out

Everything I Never Told You

Let’s imagine that
you love me,
and no light can dim,
no faucet can leak,
and no one can take
you away from me.

Let’s imagine you love my risotto
and seared salmon,
and that you drink the wine,
the Scotch, and the tea.
Your eyes constantly on me.

Let’s imagine I’m what you imagine,
and I can cook risotto and seared salmon,
and never let your glass run dry.
All with my eyes on you.

Let’s imagine we had chemistry to spare,
that we are all warm mouths, and entwined limbs.
The eyes of the sun and the mountains.

Let’s imagine we weren’t the long read,
that took moments to unread.
The storm cloud that spilled
from our shattered wine glasses.
The headlights that flickered out.
The seared salmon that went cold,
the burnt risotto in the pot,
the empty glass in the leaky sink.

Now let’s focus on…

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Good news bad news…

I ever so slightly passed my audition. Bad news, woke in the middle of the night and since somehow I hurt my achilles bad.