A big thank you to my Aunt

It took my uncle to help but ultimately my Aunt sacrificed sleep after a long night of work, dealing with waking kids in order to help me out. We at times have not seen eye to eye but I found something out from her a couple of weeks ago I did not know. Other family members, a lot of them did not like her at all and sort of planted a seed that was not there and i thought it always was and did not understand. I am glad we got to talk, even though she did most of it she shared some things I did not know she had to deal with from my family and I thought that sucked. She has brought my uncle back to the guy I knew growing up and i am very thankful for that as I missed him quite a lot:).

Six word story part 4 number 54

“From a bad day to relief”

I have my audition tomorrow

I went into this class thinking I was biting off more than I could chew and then it popped in my head. I was making all classes and doing some other things at the school. I hit several speed bumps making me not wish to be around 2 certain people at the school but I did lots at home. I have been turned away from donating causing me to lose out on money needed and I had a very bad week. I am looking at more rent, possibly less earnings and possibly putting myself in a bad situation in another week as I could be a little short but I should get by. I am hoping I get unemployment soon. I also need to have that be just for a short time and get back to work as I sure have been looking and not finding. In the interim, my nerves are somewhat shot.