I went off the deep end last night

I was out of it, don’t remember much but wrote a lot and deleted a lot and do not even know what I wrote and I am sure I screwed up without knowing what I said. I was pissed and out of it and I deleted 19 posts.








Easy to watch Wrestlemania

Merely google watch Wrestlemania online for free and click on the various links. They have the pre show and the main card.

Six word story part 4 number 52

“Putting it all on a chance”

Kurt Russell

Went from a forgotten person to a household name again. He played mister nobody in furious 7 and now eight and is Peter Quill’s father in Guardians two. Two huge movies. What is next? The never will happen marriage between him and Goldie? The only bigger comeback would be Apollo Creed… LOL