Just when you thought it was safe

Hollywood has proven they do not have any new ideas for decades. Between remakes, reboots, sequels and prequels it has gone dry and yet the box office still does fairly well. Kong was at least a different type of reboot as the big guy did not become part of a show n finally aged and there was not a nice ending.

My title screams as to when they will remake one of the last scary movies from decades ago. The acting was not great, the animation sucked and I think because all of the earlier Piranha movies failed and since has had two decent remakes, they will hopefully let Bruce stay in a better place and that hopefully Freddy Krueger and The Leprechuan do not do a tag team against Jason and Michael Meyers or have a Battle Royale adding The Aliens, The Predators, Randy Orton who is spoofed everywhere giving everyone an RKO and The Terminator as there are two more coming and three more Avatar movies.


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