I hate repetitive dreams

They’re haunting. They follow me around and I’m cool nstantlu losing things. From work, to being homeless and me unable to get around at all. 

Well I’ve had it for a week and my douchebag ex roommates actions were easy to see coming.  I tell people that could help and sometimes they do and other times is nothing.

I moved in here by myself with a cab and I had to walk three flights with 5 total articles. Now 2 months later I’ve accumulated more things. I don’t have anywhere to put my stuff. I don’t know if the roommates ultimatum saying the agency is kicking us out Wednesday when I’m paid up to him and the complex until April 4th. He constantly is lying and changing information. I need immediate help with this as I have to be out early all week and don’t want my belongings taken and it’s not like I can bring them.


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