Sadly I may be moving again:(

I hate the unscrupulous people here and they come from everywhere. They all have a story and make you believe them.This guy, from early said he had furniture ordered and bought a microwave. I slept on the floor for weeks and said screw this and got an air mattress. He was cooking 3-5 times a day and went through 4 jobs since I moved here. I am used to working and have been unable to do more than get a band aid of help, but it is a start.

So, I was laid off as I was due an upgrade to full time and they made up an excuse and I have a lawsuit but nobody will take it without paying them because it is a small lawsuit. So, I have asked to be on the lease, shown the gym, leave the mailbox key and other things that this douche does not do. I ask for receipts and he is either not here or too busy to do nothing and is leaving and now last night he pulled most of the small amount of things he had and took things of mine and when I got home I was livid. He gave me crap about me making constant excuses. I have paid him on time for rent and his energy bill. Oddly enough, with me here his bill has gone down per day. So, he got a huge tax refund and did not pay the pay the bill on time as he knew I had just got laid off. I had no choice but to short him 45 bucks and left myself with a dollar and 50 cents approximately for 2 weeks, got sick, was in the ER 3 times in a week and have been hurting.


So this idiot thinks he is giving me a week to get out and that I will abide and not tell anyone at the school that we are both attending. He is in for a serious reality check.


2 thoughts on “Sadly I may be moving again:(

  1. Colette B says:

    Crikey Paul, hope you get things sorted better soon. Not easy to take care of yourself with shitty folk like that. Fingers crossed you get some help with resolving things.


    • It is not gonna happen. I came here with a goal to work and this asshole has made me suffer every physical issue I’ve had since and I had to short him a few dollars and I made the mistake of calling 911 and it take 9 hours but they come and you can’t be out of it so I have to stay awake now


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