Out of the way

O ut here it seems everyone blocks you 

U nder every possible to almost hits people

T here are those plowing a driveway and jumping into roads

O h you’re late? Everyone here is late and I see at least 2 accidents a day

F or me the cut me off in the bike lane, or I get screamed at going against traffic

T hey yell that’s what the bike lane is for!!! No a cyclist or pedestrian have the right of way

H ow to correct this? Well most drivers here have warrants and they cause deadly accidents and I see them all over.

E ven someone  crosses with the white go notification gets a person killed. Idk how any of them get a license to begin with.

W ondering, will I ever drive here? Hell the eff no as I try to avoid accidents and a walk or bike ride is fine as you Go then you’re plowed

A way to get into a mantra of sorts is to be defensive, real defensive with a lot of looking especially at sunset as it’s blinding

Y our life can be ended any day with the plethora of moronic drivers. It’s extremely 


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