I tried to do good

This person asks for help

cries herself to sleep

She has blown her chance

along time ago

It would take a couple of 

deaths to have that kid

being in NY gets OKd to

get sent across the country

I’ve been asked so many 

times I can’t keep up

So I tried to avert an action

and was vague

But I tried in hopes he had

some involvement in the

situation to HELP!!!

Instead of hey thank you for

trying one person gets yelled

at and I get talked down

and don’t get in my business

The same person rather couple 

that burns stuff often when

sleeping during the day

Yet once I was up late and hungry

and I was on top of what I was doing

added water, bathroom and I dropped

down to pull a movie I burnt out and

poof smoke alarm

I got up 3 seconds or a little more

then he did

So I have my roommate she knows

1 second and tells him that and he 

was pissed, knew she was drunk and

I had to deal with him

So she is the pot calling the kettle

black and the person I spoke to I knew 15 

years and he was there for me at times

with family disregarding me

He is at times bi polar and other things

but he’s alright at times

So I should be able to contact him

A and B convo, C you little child

abandoning  your child ass the hell out!!!

Now if it wasn’t gonna cause my uncle

grief and he’s sick, I’d do more 

I am on the fence though

Sometimes this guy talks to me normal

and other times crazy or worse


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