To the many people hoping I feel better, a huge thank you

I was pretty scared yesterday. I hate hospitals and being admitted. Today is a huge different day. The meds and me doing a huge amount of homework has got me back to almost 100 %. 

The odd thing was the new meds had me fall asleep even easier than my other meds. But then again I was watching Logan and was bored. I looked at my computer and thought it said 1254 and I freaked out as I had two dr appointments and was about to call then said oh crap it’s Sunday.

I’m at the hospital and my one reason was to get a med that lower my heart rate so I would have no issues with bad vitals and I wanted to get an air brace as I have one back in NY and I like using them and they’re blocking them. It was my only reason to come here and may have wasted 90 minutes and my heart rate is under 100 now. So I’ll go to the plasma place and wait until manually and with an app that my vitals are good to go. I do have my fingers crossed and hopeful.


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