A panel interview and a busted foot

I have had issues with this foot but it would happen after an injury. The two I had was playing softball and even though the first base bag had two bags the first one that I stepped in, he blocked and I went down hard. Oddly enough I wore an air cast and competed in a track meet and won my three events while playing the possum. The second was running at night and I did not see the concrete slabs and bang down. 1.5 miles from and I tried biking and walking using the bike as a crutch it took 30 minutes and my foot was the size of a softball two times in 3 months.

At least those had a reason to be messed up. This has no excuse and I have to hope that I am walking fine to pass the panel and after changing and going to donate plasma and hopefully get to school. I do push myself hard as many friends here know. My foot, if it doesn’t subside will have me in an ER to tap the fluid out and I am sure I will get scripts for anti biotics.