Pain update

It has gotten severely worse. It woke me at 3 am and I needed to take meds to help me sleep and that was bad as it lowers my blood pressure. Though I do my own readings I know the plasma place was inaccurate as I tested it three times. My dr wasn’t available yesterday and today I was going to a career fair with a future boss and could not miss that, school tonight, an interview tomorrow, go back and hope I have normal vitals at the plasma place and back to school. I hurt so bad that I can barely think. Oddly enough Saturday is being added to school for me to advance instead of rest or go to the er.


2 thoughts on “Pain update

  1. Deb says:

    This is a bit worrying. Hope it is better today.


    • Well the jury isn’t out yet. I had pain in my heel and the outside of my right foot. I had not trained or hit anything. That was last weekend. The heel went away and now it’s the outer foot, the left and a pool of fluid in the middle. It’s not discolored, so I’m ruling out an infection being the cause. I went to sleep with a bag of frozen peas and obviously it’s no longer cold yet the pressure that I thought would has not been as bad but I still have serious walking issues


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