Please help me

I am in angst as I am badly judged

I’m losing things

Mostly my brain as it can’t comprehend

these attacks

I need a team, a person an idea but

it must be viable and on point

These issues are seriously hard to

deal with

Pills can’t keep your head straight

and your dreams are haunting

These meds make you a living nightmare

trapped in under belly

Light, smells and visions are not real

to you and will never be again

A spiral staircase that will never

end in either direction

Your climb is a perilous one also

as there are obstacles in the way

Your starting point is absolute 0,

you need moves in progression

This noted, you must be quite careful

as you are in a drug induced coma

Are you or are you not now in one?

this is being in the moment

Sadly for many people we do go off

on people, act nuts and worse


2017 Paul McAleavey


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