Pain pain everywhere

Straight up this is a lot of new

pain added to my arsenal

Osgood schlachter disease

space in between knee and


Led to fractures

Scoliosis led to many slipped discs

despite being flexible and lifting

really heavy weight

A hit n run accident caused me to

have concussion syndrome and

I had a bad diagnosis of seizures

and I was out of it and these meds

cause seizures and not taking them

does as well

12 tears throughout my shoulders

that makes me shot

A neuropathy in my left arm and my

my oversized adrenal glands sucks

it means I’m shaky, bad at times

I’m training and bumping up the

ante daily butits hard on me

I feel like old wolverine, which the movie makes no sense as Logan’s healing

was never time related and he’s not

like the others as he doesn’t age

OK I do plasma donations and I need to

in order to stay afloat.

I have trained as a phlebotomist and it

is hard but I got poppped bad

I’m dealing with and it’s the slight


My foot started hurting on an off week

and  it was my heel

It has increased daily and it’s awful plus

I tried to go to my pcp  that’s also urgent care and I wasn’t seen

Now I have days standing up in dress

shoes and I am swollen all  the time

I’m gonna fall asleep with ice on me:(


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