Once upon a time not long ago…

I was minding my business and life flowed slow

then there was a tremor

Seemingly a plot against me and I said oh hell

the eff no

I am not taking the fall for anyone, anywhere

or about anything

For this does the donging of the bell ring  true,


Or are they a collective set of Illuminati  that

plots your demise?

They come to you positive, caring, loving but

want you to fail, a SURPRISE?

Forget that noise, I am too old for that ish and

don’t want to participate in their game

They make bad bad decisions, causing themselves

to go blind while I know they’re lame

I don’t wish to be called on when NEEDED ONLY

as is their norm

Keep it off of me when I tried to help, you got

pissed and are in a storm

I’m improving daily and I never left, just took a  damn


While you stay in the same hot mess as it is easier to you

instead of making the needed changes

You are a STEPFORD, yea you don’t know the meaning

but handle your business FINALLY, no more

lazy shit staying in that co-dependent relationship

Grow up, have a REAL plan and take care of your

business that you have out for years

Make it your own personal punching bag and

knock it out as I am never helping AGAIN…

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com



2 thoughts on “Once upon a time not long ago…

  1. Colette B says:

    lol, you were really punching in this one!


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