Melancholy madness…



Get off that wall with no decision where to go

either you’re good or evil, make it so

Left means what?, right means huh?

Which way are you going and is there betting


High horse or low it’s up to you now on which

action to show

Buy a damn clue as you’re in a lot of trouble

and you’ve let some know

Keep hiding and sleep, hoping it goes away

Though tests are just that and we get new

ones often and you can fade or GLOW!


2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey



5 thoughts on “Melancholy madness…

  1. embear123 says:

    I often feel like I’m evil because I have misophonia, ED, PTSD and depression. My thoughts often are mean to myself and others and I can’t control them and I feel horrible for having these thoughts. My ED calls people and me fat, my misophonia screams when somebody near me is eating, my PTSD gets aggravated by things like fire alarms and on top of that, I feel like a loser. Hang in there xx


  2. Colette B says:

    that has quite a punchy rhythm to it 🙂


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