Voices that cause me Pain

 Sometimes it is exquisite

Sometimes it’s insufferable

Sometimes you’re numb

How did this happen again?

How come you can’t see it?

How is it you can’t avoid it?

First off you are trapped

Then you want out

You get sucked back in

due to makeup sex

If you stay eventually

you’ll get married

Then you’ll wonder why?

It’s a roller coaster worse

than Everest

The back and forth while

begging for seconds…

You stay for the wrong

reasons, it’s on you

If you keep injecting drugs

into yourself, you’ll die

But you don’t realize the

drug you’re on

Instead you stay subservient 

and often cry

You’re excusing things that you

complain about

You need someone to shake

some sense into you

WHY?, because YOU’RE the

reason that you are in PAIN

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com






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