You’ve let people down

They look to me and frown

you’re just a person, a noun

They won’t let me make the same mistakes

cause you didn’t take a job and the rakes

I always rise up and improve and improve

 from mistakes, then in my groove

You think you have nobody to thank?

as a kid with warrants, you tank

How do I say this and do so with respect?

oh nobody ever helped you?,neglect..

How about that sugar daddy that you had

20 years older, buys you a car, he’s a fad

Though your game it is the same, a pattern here

Now another 20 years older, not trying to smear

You’re mistaken by many things it’s true

lots of me you didn’t know, but I grew

To higher heights than you’ll ever see, things

I owned and spent you didn’t know my flings

You talk ish about me and say nobody helped you?

What planet are you on?, go to bed it’s your curfew

Sorry about this post but it inspired so stop

saying no, please and make some MONEY


You need help from your domestic shit and more

you need me I LOVE YOU,  so CALL

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey



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