You’ve fallen and you can’t get up…

Well you talked ish to me, I jumped off my bike and grabbed you and asked are you talking to me and you had no heart and did not answer. In light of such when traffic was coming I pulled you out of harms way and on the medium. I lifted you easily and noticed a slight athletic build. I dropped you and picked you up and you could not get up. You said nothing until I pushed you lightly, then you tried to swing and I dropped my head, you called me a punk when you are a kid and you ran across the street and then acted all tough. Boy you got lucky i did not pull you to me and either crushed your larynx, sternum, esophagus, upthrust your nose killing you immediately, Pushed you harder into traffic but I know the that doing so lands me in jail so I pushed lightly. I have to deal with crazy people here high as hell and one like this jaywalking calling me, I had money, tickets and a new Iphone on me and I dumped it. So I again pulled him to me after his fake punch and I dropped my head into him knocking him all but out, earlier I did the same.It is getting annoying as weed is legal here but only in your house and there are a lot of homeless people and crazy fucks looking for a fight to get into what you have. If I am wearing shorts, walking and with nothing to worry about losing I take a heartless punk and I run directly at him and spear his ass as he got brave when there was space after I put him down the first time. So, I am honing quick art fighting skills now….:)


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