Why do you flirt but won’t commit?

I come racing to you

I come for a place made for two

You are not around

To you, am I a clown?

Do you play, flirt, mock and run?

Am I the only one?

You may have time to do this often

But I turn attention to YOU

You know who are

But you still do play

Is tomorrow just more of today?

I am waiting for your call

I dropped my phone and I am trying and all

But I am at a payphone

That is where I will be

I will outrun many to get to you

But are you just still a SHREW?

Or ready for more?

You I adore

From your glasses

To your cheeks

I know you blush

Your side swiped updo

Yes I notice you

Oblivion all around

But you…

I am..

2017 Paul Mc Aleavey wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com



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