Exercise tips kicking ass style

Everyone, myself included need fighting skills for whatever reason and it is a good way to start training without weights or with and will build up strength, precision and stamina. You won’t break a sweat and this can be done in a few minutes to start before work.

If you are able, jumping jacks, 2 sets of 10-30, stretch your legs and chest in between. Next up, pick a spot on a wall and make sure you will just miss it. Do 10 straight punches to that spot, fast and hard with a straight punch. Next is a swipe away pretending you are blocking an oncoming punch, that means forward and will their arm back and straight punch again for ten reps and do each side. Build up sets and add reps and weight. If you can get a bag to punch do it or start hitting walls that you will not break.

Obviously most women go for crotch kicks and this can be anticipated and blocked. If you already surprise a person the crotch kick, multiple times are good. Then curb stomp with straight kicks downward. Now obviously fighting will get cops called so defense is good and explainable as the winners do get popped as well so be quick. Do not stay in a verbal exchange as people will call 911 and leave quickly if not much happens or you will get questioned and nobody wants that. So, quick hit, bang, repeat and be quick and leave.


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