Wow I had a seemingly good writing day yesterday and torpedoed :(

I’ve written far better and yesterday my battleships were sunk…

Busy playing tournaments at school

Been here all day and graduated to higher games and a late tournament for candy. Lol

I really hate the new insights page

I was hoping after constant complaints they would change it back. As it is i can’t check my followers with links and I have to scroll and cut and paste and it keeps resetting. It really sucks.

Life challenge on a soundtrack

Daisy in the Willows

The challenge continues.

Thanks Meg!  😉 

Today’s choice needs a hint of epicness.

Put on my poker face but I’m a current of emotions inside. ha ha!

Another reason I chose this is because,my uncle made a joke that my Gran looked like Don Corleone, at my wedding in June last year,in her wheelchair and wearing dark sunglasses.

Laugh, cry, live or die.

I’m putting on my armour – mere mortal that I am and,

for the next week preparing for battle with all things to do with organising a funeral for next Wednesday.

I remember standing in  my gran’ s room for 9 hours -maybe more . My Ma is super religious and she was telling my Gran to go to the light- just walk to it. She was telling her that she was ready for her to leave.

‘Leave – I let you go’

I don’t know if…

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016_imogen-cunningham_theredlistThere are differing forms of narcissism

and sadness

wrenching and unyielding

can produce

solid fat trapped in water

thickened floating, unformed intention

we cannot breathe

holding hands to jump rope pinching noses

against fumes of exhaust

her knees were smoother and brown

elbows protrude like question marks

and when you are both fortunate enough to be old

her breasts will still point upward

whilst you shall swing heavily like a dowel

losing time with the rest of the world

she is lighter, her skip higher, cheeks flush with

the sting of cold weather tingeing red pinpoints

you don’t know yet

a time comes, the path breaks

one way is without constraint

the other a heaviness

you cannot shrug like boiled wool

as you see her wet feet climb upward

there is nothing to stop the relenting undertow

that’s what children don’t know

when they play behind wire and protection of…

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I don’t know what is and is not real

Eyes playing tricks on me

Heart too does deceive

Feelings racing, from happy to sad

Colors erased

Faces removed

Floating all over

Why are things upside right?

OOPS mean down..

Or did I?

I need to sleep

This has to go away

I feel my head starting to SWAy

Feeling haZy, CrAzy, lAzy


Can I sleep it off

Is it a dream or is it a nightmare

while AWaKE?

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey



Simply too good….

Sorry but it’s true

So now you care afterwards?

See I call the shots


When you’re HERE tell me

Well, when you figure this out…

Will be way TOO late


You’re a memory

You are just like Memorex

You have been replaced


Now you sit and think

Never thought you’d be this lost?


2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey