All right all right a movie review dayummm FIST FIGHT

OK yes this is a laugh riot and following his cameo in The return of Xander Cage Ice Cube gets to beat the eff out of Charlie Day, remember he sits in the middle and stitches are for bitches. That is pretty much all you need to know except the surrounding cast members. We have the hottie with the red hair from Bad Santa 2, Christina Hendricks, the crazy chick from another Ice Cube movie 22 Jump street 2 and more recently a crazy female pimp in Office Christmas Party, Jillian Bell and if there was more need for comedy relief we get Tracy Morgan to boot.

I really liked this movie and while this year has great sequels, prequels, comic book movies and ones to follow and there are lots of  after watching The Oscars and a lot of other movies, this one is a quick winner. Ice Cube gets to say you got knocked the fuck out again and Charlie Day shows balls and does not give up his seat in the middle again, though he tries to and grows a pair. I suggest watching it.

You can easily download it as I did and if that does not get your fancy you get Ruby Rose with Vin Diesel is Xander cage saying that’s what she said ahead of The new Furious movie and of course The guardians are back. Lots to look forward to this year in fun and crazy looking stuff up against characters, comics and books and crossovers and remakes to drive you nuts. So take it one step at a time…


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