Out of sorts

I have been not myself for what seems like forever but has only been a week and change. I feel awful, have been having extended sleep. I have been trying to be proactive and I do have a ton of material to publish but I am finding myself unable.

Where I live is quite noisy and I am getting less sleep and I have been sleeping late due to no agenda. I apply for work and though I found 2 jobs being here in a few days, I have now been unable at all.

It definitely has me down. Me body is reacting as well as I get dehydrated and more when dealing with some things. It is a curse and a blessing being me physically. I am now dealing with the former and I am trying to get out of my funk. Hell I have not written n awards post, a movie review, reviews on Oscar movies or much of anything and I am so off.:(


6 thoughts on “Out of sorts

  1. Nancy says:

    Sometimes life can be hard on you, take it easy and rest….😺


  2. kristianw84 says:

    Deep breaths, my friend. This too shall pass.


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