Crying outside and inside…

No shame and no crime here

many reasons

Many things lost never to be

found again

Belongings, loved ones, pets

and more

Jobs, inabilities and lost ones

and appearance

Losing heirlooms, secrets held

and losing family

Others are not well and some are

not willing

They have needs and do not talk


Me, having losses and changes are

challenged and I fail

I can’t even keep up or even find


Just more waiting and lagging like


It is all sad


2 thoughts on “Crying outside and inside…

  1. Things will take a turn for the good.


    • They need to and soon. I was being held from a ft position then booted and will be suing as they didn’t have cause or use their own guidelines. But corporate doesn’t want ft ppl as they’re small and then have to give out benefits


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