F ailed in what I did

L ost my only real shot

A lso I to just lost FRIENDS

W ell now I am at cross roads

E ventually this would happen

D ip here and there and a mistake

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey http://www.palfitness.wordpress.com

Up against it

Very little in options

nowhere for me

I’m now just an experiment

that failed

A shadow of my former self

at this point

Aches, pains, noises and

much more rule me

Violations and numbers now

define me

Only mad at myself and that

is all I can be…

Clearing space

The Darkest Fairytale

It is okay,
To give yourself pep talks
I shout at myself daily,
Like suck it up bitch
Get a grip pussy,
You’re doing your best.
Then to cheer myself up
I look at the scared faces
Sat on the train with me,
Working out if I’m normal
Or clinically insane.
I just smile back at them
& say I’m not talking to you,
I turn to my reflection
Point at myself and say,
“I’m answering that bitch”
Never had this much leg room.


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Getting ready

I am now attempting a new readiness

for what?

Does it really matter for what I think?

but it does

It means I am trying to be me and in

total of ME

Yes, I believe I am ready, willing and

unsure of ABLE

I do try and I do hit speed bumps along

the way

But I do wish to push myself, with or

without pain or more

In conclusion I do wish to move on and

get myself GOING FAST!!!

Copyright 2017 Paul McAleavey wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com

Six word story part 4 number 31

“Another day filled with employment fear”