I knew in Advance that my girl Bayley was winning

It’s a skill and I’m on several boards and knew Wyatt was winning, Jericho is set to feud with his bestie and they continue to beat up Roman Reigns. Now a title rematch with Cena against Bray but his rivalry will be short lived as he’s set to go against Randy Orton.

I got to go backstage, get a hug before and after and met Rusev and he has wayyyy too many accents. I got to meet the certified Gs as well. My pet peeve wasthe woman and her son getting up 16 times during the show. I may think of fastlane if I squash my work issue. If not I’m somewhat screwed. 

If I die before I wake…

There’s nothing left of me to take

No more rules

No more lies

No deceptions

No other nonsense

I’m away from pain

I’m free from the fall

I’m free from it all

I’ll not recover

I’ll be scarred

Nobody escapes 

Nobody surrenders

Nobody does ever get me

Never matters

Never is a point

Now I take my cue

Now I’m in hiding

Never gonna be me again

Not down with it

Nor do I care

OMW to Monday Night Raw!!!

I got real lucky, went through the venue and kept getting my seat upgraded and I am on the floor 3 rows out on the corner where the ramp comes down. I could not have asked for better seats. I am going early and supposedly both Goldberg and Brock Lesnar will be there and Charlotte is finally going lose her title to Bayley and later defend at a PPV. 🙂

I’ve fallen

Gone from the big fish in the

small pond

To the water drying up and me


The top of the line model to being


The fastest internet to becoming

like old dial up

A little puppy to an older, bigger 

dog with hip dysplasia 

Here and so important to being

a nobody

At times eventually we all do FALL

Copyright 2017 Paul McAleavey wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com

Six word story part 4 number 29

“Getting ready for MONDAY NIGHT RAW!!!”

Living right by an airport…

It reminds me of The Blues Brothers train scene and it is a pain in the ass when woken up from the noise. Having kids and adults acting like them and screaming does piss me off. The wallmate playing music all the time and her mother seemingly high falls everywhere and my roommate constantly takes my frying pan, doesn’t clean it but instead allows other things in a greasy pan instead of merely rinsing and a quick clean. I am in a raw mood today…