I have been for some time

myself, my sister but also

my uncle

He is only a few years than me

but he has had now 2 seizures

I have seen several things almost

Parkinson’s or Palsy

I have dreamt about it a few times

and have bad history with them…

Some days…Being watched…

They are just lacking

Those ones just happen to suck

The days are just bad


You are ridiculed

You are flat out lied about

You’re on the bad WALL


It makes you quite sad

It’s as if you’re being watched

I smash the windows


No crocodile tears

No desire to go on now

Needing to regroup

2017 Paul McAleavey


I am at a loss…

Anyone ever leave you speechless?

They are full of shit and amiss

Hit below the belt

No matter how swelt

Yet they have no issue to just diss

2017 Paul McAleavey

Six word story part 4 number 28

“Sometimes bad shit happens to us”