Sirens sucking men in

They sing, they cry and catch men

by surprise

They lure them to their own failure

and some men get lucky

They can be in all shapes and sizes

and can give a lending ear

In respect, they play a coy and cold


They ruin men because they are so


They even reach to their past to get

new victims

These are sour, full of vitriol people

and have no right to anything

This is not no alimony or spousal


Instead this is plain targeting men and

lot of flirting

This happens especially at work and if

you run away, you are DONE

Then they ruin your life, take it as a trophy

while not knowing the damages

They are aware of their actions and are often

very young

Beware, beware of the singing and God praises


2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey




It seems so simple doesn’t it?

It appears effortless

Yet to hold a stance is athletic

Yes they can’t even tremble

Nope there are no cramps

No sir they just STAY

While a sideshow it is art

When it is looked at right

Painted up and just doing it

Pushing themselves not to breathe

Zero room for any type of error

Zilch, nada or they are a failure

They somehow pull this off and how

Though unappreciated, they are ART

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey

Is it time to give up I wonder?

I left most of my life and belongings behind

me last summer

Coming west to hope for better to get innuendo,

rumors, half truths and lies about me

The BS has stacked high against me and the

ability to grow is false

Those who abandoned me, lied to and about me

 has grown like JR High kids, though adults

I go through stages where I burrow and take a break

and those times get longer and longer

My training suffers as the pain I go through and BS

costs me to back off

Now I am on the fence about a great many things and

I am unsure…SIGH