Spoken in ill fated childish circles

they are always about you

You can’t escape these evil words

they do follow you

Do they make you feel inferior?

are you afraid?

Are you being falsely being judged?

does this seem stalker like?

Does it follow you from your home?

you see shadows…

These childish things do sicken you

and they persist

They are in all subjects, shapes, sizes

and more

But they never do stop, do they?

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey



Time and a place…

Is it here or there?

It is now just anywhere

I would spend some time


Though it is not here

Therefore this is just elsewhere

Thoughts do betray me


Places I should go

Perhaps I should go and see

Perhaps it is now…

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey

I’m officially withdrawing from all extracurricular activities

For work that is as I am withdrawing from a losing battle and would rather spend my time looking anew, writing, publishing for effs sake finally back to back books and getting some sun and running in. I am not needing further bs as I came here to avoid it and now I am neck deep in it and I have quit far better jobs…This is a real BAD AY for me to have fully filled all of my scripts and I just do not give a damn. At least I will get a full night’s sleep. Possibly a dirt nap…

I have a whole lot of time to train…

I will be getting in some sun, some hard training and setting up 2 workout challenges, an award post/meet and greet and get myself situated in a better place. I am looking firward to some RnR and fun:).

Pissed the eff off

I am in a seriously sour mood. My job routinely has new rules per whom you work with, they change them as they please, drag you through the mud, talk ish about everyone and report everything while wearing fake halos…I am done with them…

Six word story part 4 number 27

“A beautiful day in the neighborhood”