I’ve got secrets…

The types you whisper about and hope are not

found to be true

About many people things entrusted but mainly

about me

For example things from my family that if they

they’d freak out

Like the POS sister I lived with who I received a

call from CPS 2 months ago about her

I will spill, she is in pain, works real hard, I do

love her, but she is a real bitch

THinks I had my life handed to me when I worked my

ass off since 4th grade

Paid for everything and she was handed everything

When the youngest stole OUR things, I did not get my

class ring and others back but she did

When she and her buffoon of a BF snuck into my room

and found 6k in my underwear drawer?

She decided to forget how much I paid her for installments

or how much she cost me in work that she’d offset

But no she took over 1000 more than I owed and all

at once

Good thing she did not pull the drawer out or look under

she would’ve found something

Something that based on her bias, she would’ve thought I was

taking advantage but I would have taken care of her

But I paid my dues for decades and I knew how to hide things

I did and otherwise…SHHH!

I did so and the kids and dogs and lost my life

A bitter taste

The CPS case, oh does she drink, do drugs we heard you live there

and the kids say she is asleep at 530.

Me: IDK I have not lived there in months. Sounds very similar to

the case against me that was not founded

The other sister seemingly tried to conspire to get “found money”

but had to go through me, Back up top, if they only knew

what I am doing, have and have done they’d be mad but maybe in

awe also. Doubtful though and it’s sad

My little sister is dropping dimes, nickels and fifty cent pieces

about me to my roommate and one text in 7 weeks

What she forgot about her truant pill popping life and oh he

(her husband) whose 22 years older hits her but he says I push

her away is a no way to know deal…

She needs money? Yes abandoning your kid like myself and our

sister, an attorney will have consequences

Then she has secrets.I trump them all, am glad to have what little

family I have left around and wished things were better.


I am super proud of both my little sis for trying so damn hard despite

her losing memories and even more so to my uncle as he is the man

that I always envisioned him to be.

My other sister and I need to talk where I flip the script on her but

that won’t happen.

But I live in VEGAS and I can bury my SECRETS and many are real

GOODIES and I did the work and the work was dirty and some skills

and you got something. Just be nice, even to assholes, try to SMILE:)



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