I have been slow but I am back

I have had a lot on my plate and it is coming from all angles. I did 4 days in a row of training and have been dealing with a lot as I added another responsibility in becoming the captain of the track and field team for a corporate challenge and I am having problems getting in touch with 4 of the people. The other 4 all work different shifts and it is going to be a disaster.

I have my Monday night Raw date coming next week and I am psyched as it could very well be a special edition with the possibility of The Rock, Goldberg and Brock Lesnar and I plan on getting my money’s worth by being super early and chillaxing before the event.

I am getting my new website ready for my personal training business and it is not as easy as I was hoping and I should have taken screen shots of my latter site so I would not be starting from scratch. I will be setting up a workout challenge that is straight forward but hard as you apply the gas and I give the directions.


2 thoughts on “I have been slow but I am back

  1. I am PROUD of you my friend.


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