I’m lost in so ace and my mind

is gone

I can’t get you out of my thoughts 

no matter what 

My brain is stuck in Rubik Cube mode 

as if I’m trying too hard 

Puzzles, even simple ones are driving 

me crazy

I’m sweating profusely trying to get a


I’m in between dream state and reality

it seems

I’m nervous, cold, hot, clammy and 

just not right

It sure as hell has me in an odd place

that makes me insecure

I’m just frenzied with trying out what 

to think as I do wonder…

Rant customer service stupidity

I’ve received 15 different pieces of mail from my wifi company and each set of packages is super different every time. I got is situated last week and told my actual package rate for what I have had as a two year contract. Now I got another completely skewed price and I’ve been on the phone for two hours trying to deal with it. It’s annoying as hell.