What to d what to do?

Ok a rant of sorts but a question answered not just likes or views. If you have what others call a child that you’re told that her rules mean bidding and blowing her off though you were close and she decided to be a turncoat, what do you do? Nod and ignore? Advise her bs is being told that you were told not to follow her rules letslone she doesn’t even talk to me as I work harder than everyone and she’s illiterate. I don’t want to disrespectful her but she crossed the line with me and I have hacked the CCTV and have her saying shit about me.

So what should I say or do?similar note, customer note is omg I can’t stand a curse when exams they hang up. But my job they barely speak English, throw money on their side of the counter and you ask several times and they throw fuck you to you. I should do any of the following, good luck, jump the counter and kick their fucking teeth down their throats or lastly oops I am having issues with my terminal try someone else. Specifically I had an asshole speak next to no English and a bad accent and I faked for how much. Twohunrud, two hybrid seeeventry frive, then trenty 5 while emptying his wallet on his side de and cursed me out. I wanted to fuck this cockstainup as if I say dammit to customer service by phonethey hang up. So responses are appreciated.


2 thoughts on “What to d what to do?

  1. kristianw84 says:

    I think you should stand up for yourself. You can call her on her BS without disrespecting her. I don’t know the whole situation so it’s hard to say, but if it were me I would go directly to the source and try and clear the air, if that doesn’t work, then I’d go above her head, especially if she is making you look bad, when clearly, she’s the idiot.


    • I sent a borderline butt message intended for someone else after the fact. It took her three days to respond and said idk what you’ve heard I don’t talk to anyone. She does things differently than everyone else and we’ve been told to subtlety ignore her as everyone but me calls her a little girl and she singles out customers and punishes them and has whoever is there to do the same that aren’t supers. She’s basically a bit slow and doesn’t understand certain words that are simple. I have actually been in the front tie while she talked about me and my manager told me with a wink wink nod. She denied any wrong doing and I said oh crap that wasn’t meant for you and oh dang, her terms she uses, I saw that message went to all my friends I message and she said oh ok no biggie. But she has worked outside my hours as I was doing two nights with her and the last time I worked a night she basically hit on me and almost suggested me not leaving that night and taking a long trip home two months ago as I was in the next morning. It went like oh you’re leaving me? You’re gonna go commute for 3 hrs and do the same in the morning instead of staying local? I felt the hairs stand up on my neck and just said yea I’m headed back. Since I’m doing all mornings and while she said she doesn’t talk to anyone she comes in right after I leave on weekends and we overlap at times and she has yet to say boo to me unless I say something first or if she’s putting her foot down when I don’t work with her. So, I called her out and I worded it in a manner suggesting I know ppl are talking about me and I was able to Jedi mind trick her into not thinking I was talking to her and now I’ll see what happens.


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