A spring in my step

My pulse does find itself rising always…

when you are near

My pores open and I get dumbfounded

my dear

How do you get to me in this way I do

always wonder?

I feel inferior, my look seems below

your standards

I need to stay at my best in order to

catch your eye

It seems you ignore me intentionally

and I know that game

It means that you too are a bit nervous

and are being coy

It is not my first dance and I am on my

toes now

You will see me differently now then


I am on my swagg and you will get

ready to succumb

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com

Six word story part 4 number 24

“Picked lots of winners, no bets”

Day 4 of lethally high vitals…

If I have not gone through this in the past I would be concerned. IN NY if I was off I would be a hot sweaty mess, not here, all seems well. 4 days at 190 plus over 120 ad my normal at least 1090 hr. I get tests and have no heart issues, just adrenaline and epinephrine and norepinephrine levels and I took the bus to avoid added adrenaline but I was still super high, plus I took two valium and had a drink to relax and this is just annoying now. I have to go to a DR that could find no reason for an incident a week plus ago to get a waiver signed and now the stress is going to automatically make me have higher bp.