Made Captain for my corporate challenge

I gave myself 6 weeks to get in a little bit of shape and do not need to be in order to win any race in any division, let alone my age group. It is a modest goal but I should win 6 individual events with little training. Now I have to find where the location is, set up with team members for practice and tryouts and start doing a lot more.:)

Now 3 days in a row:(

I went again after work to donate plasma but when my adrenaline gets going it takes a good 90 minutes for my vitals to come close to normal and I was way over.Mind you I took a valium and two muscle relaxers, sat for 30 minutes and I still was wayyyy too high. Given 15 more minutes I was just as high again yet look fine all the same, SAD.

The surface


i_take_off_the_mask_and____by_valentinarr-d4f864pPlay the chord

fingers synchronized with musical word

if it could music would

speak her ache and exchange seats

pass the parcel

good children canceling upbringing

she was told early in life

click your heals, come what may

stomach flu for those who try

cucumber eaters reward the beguiled

not everything hot seeks to be mild

she has shorn her hair

she had snipped her tinny heart

a changing in need of firm foothold

women flock together

temptation to condemn grows bold

she wants to say

do not condemn her

because she reminds you of a hated sister

or provoked in her fist toward the sky

some outcry

the cantor of what ifs

rich healed but poor in charity

make do with petitions nobody reads

can you eat paper?

served empty stomachs before bed

you liked her for the very things that tried to kill

a blue jay lands in…

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Six word story part 4 number 23

“Superbowl is coming up REAL SOON”


So what if I am?

I want more so….

So what if I am??

I do not care I desire things…

So what if I am greedy???

I have needs that are not being met…

So who cares if I am greedy????

If I want to be better isn’t that good?

So why do those around me shun me??

I am bettering myself with hard work

I deserve to be more and to be greedy, so?????

At the end of the day I am…

Veruca Salt, I WANT IT NOW!!!

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey