My stalker is back?

I just got 100 plus views and 80 likes in a few minutes so it would seem my toolbag doughboy Pete Maiorano is checking me out again. His bloated ass should be checking out Jenny Craig and Oprah for tips, douchebag…

Our claim


Come for me

when the lawn mower is still and cold

resting in its shed as cats prowl with mocking yawl

a world colored black and white by moon shows nothing

of her earthly devour

when heady in day she is every which way a gala of color

scolding you for your down turned mouth

though it would look beautiful in a painting vast in yellow

I would place you next to a vase

and grow wings on your scars

come for me

when leaning out the window I call your name

from one continent to the other can you hear me?

I feel somehow the tremble on this light thimble of pain

connecting us as if we were both sharing

the same space

and though we are not if I call loud enough

you may hear my migrating entreaty

come for me

as once you did and everything hurtful…

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I must be in need of Geritol…

Out here I have been tired more often than not and I came out here without training. I did little and shortly after I looked like crap to ME. My vitals, from HS and all my achievements have puzzled the best doctors out there. I need to take certain vitamins yet also need help with insomnia. Those meds I have taken for years and they have built up a little bit of weight on me. The vitamins normally counter balance it and I do drink, which relaxes me yet does not get me drunk, EVER. I am sure I could blow a breathylyzer if I had taken one but I would be otherwise OK, seemingly.

I have started an initiative out here of donating plasma and my vitals go through the roof. My heart rate can go over 210 when doing 90 second intervals in shape and my blood pressure is crazy random. Like I said, doctors have gone nuts and at times I get a little sick and it is a full blown THING and they can’t figure it out. Two days in a row I went to give blood and my BP was again off the charts for some but a normal day seemingly to me though my toes are killing me from yesterday but then again I was high yesterday before the training and walking. SO I got sent home two days in a row without donating:(.

Six word story part 4 number 22

“Holy shit I’m way past tired”

My Vixen is out there

Smart and sweet

oh so complete

A dime piece at least

A new wife if life’s bad

battles retreat

She knows where to push

and it makes me gush

How does she own me so


When I am so definitely


How she dances her words

around me

How she makes me feel

a fool

How she has me waiting as

if a lost puppy

Embered leaves are reinvigorated

with her swirling passion

Enamored since first sight of this

Angelic Delight

She is out there swirling and curtseying

as she bows with a devilish grin:)

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey