People that burn bridges with me…

Those that do get it back in spades, often

One has a case against for stupidity

Another wronged me quite often but…

I am giving but only take so much

People should never hurt others with

intent to do so

Yet they still do and it baffles me to the


Many are very “religious” and they are

some of the worst

For those that actually know me and not many

do, they can depend on me

I have things nobody knows and what I try to

tell gets lost

So, I have some new people making my list as

it were

I guess if you are gonna talk about people at

work make sure they can’t hack the system?

You broke my heart, he said…She, considered

not much yet I held her up and she threw me

under the bus

Whatever, I am without ill feelings and also

not much remorse

I have things going on that nobody will every

know about

I just wish to have fun, accomplish a lot and

enjoy work while weighing options:)


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