People that burn bridges with me…

Those that do get it back in spades, often

One has a case against for stupidity

Another wronged me quite often but…

I am giving but only take so much

People should never hurt others with

intent to do so

Yet they still do and it baffles me to the


Many are very “religious” and they are

some of the worst

For those that actually know me and not many

do, they can depend on me

I have things nobody knows and what I try to

tell gets lost

So, I have some new people making my list as

it were

I guess if you are gonna talk about people at

work make sure they can’t hack the system?

You broke my heart, he said…She, considered

not much yet I held her up and she threw me

under the bus

Whatever, I am without ill feelings and also

not much remorse

I have things going on that nobody will every

know about

I just wish to have fun, accomplish a lot and

enjoy work while weighing options:)

First actual day of training at UNLV

I have been lazy and now I am getting back to goals. I am giving myself 6 weeks to get in decent shape, lose 20 pounds to be in competitive shape and then start sprinting. Today is day one of a good 4 day a week training session. I did a modest workout at 35 minutes with little rest and managed 250 push ups.

Now I am headed off to a fun day on The Strip and hitting The Nike outlet to see how much I will be needing to spend to get some gear and of course I will have a yard margarita on my trip:).

The Past…

Things lost in the fire that was ME

Too much litany but here goes

Love and laughter

Movies and sneaking

Training with purpose

Pets, a house and dancing

Bad days were good days

Watching American Idol

Stealing kisses under blue light

Touches and caresses

Rhythmic rolling sweet orgasms

Repeating, back arching

Breaking headboards

Nobody mattered but us

Electric touches from the floor to

the ceiling

Zaps from anywhere that landed

with purpose

All I did was to get to you my dear…

I need that feeling back in my life

I do not want to live like this..

Rather I wish to take the past and

put it back into NOW and the FUTURE…

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey




Deity in Diversity

Everything I Never Told You


Maybe someday we will
have written about humanity
and grace so much
that the paper we scribble on
will burn down
the forest of hate
that grows in casket-closed minds,
eradicating words like
racism, hate, bigotry.

The fire cleansing away
evil and ignorance.
Strike a match with
your pen.

Let’s try at least to
direct the language toward love.
Let’s keep moving the
adjectives higher and higher.
Trust the verbs to lead us,
the pin of light, to the fire.

Maybe as the trees come undone,
leaves igniting,
branches bursting with truth,
charity and clarity will rise.
Rustling beneath skin.
Love rising, tapping deep.
Opening eyes and cleaning tongues
in the dialect of compassion.
Hope slipping into the core.
Porous and large.
Looking out in every direction
until it is inside the sky,
the rocks, the moon.
Lacing the night and hearts with promise,
the rainy season finally over.


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Days lost…

Where do all the hours disappear to?

Where’d  hugs go that cured me feeling blue?

I’m taking it back…

I’m not talking smack

I need future hours and love that’s true:)

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey






Some Lip Sync Battles…






F orging towards the front

O r just getting  it together

R eady to move and go ahead

W ill take off and explode now

A lot of movement and I got this

R eeling earlier but I am oh so set

D oes seem they’re not enough hours

2017 Paul McAleavey