I’m just not myself

Having said that I have stuff on my mind

Family, most suck completely

Friends, most stab you in the back

Co workers, most are phonies

Customers are idiots

Though I like to be more 


I like to be more of a poet and not

know it

I was deathly ill again last week and

nobody knew

I walked the yard, handled my job and I’d solids for my boss and others

All the while I’m getting drama and im

offered a strip job, actually 2 for more

Yet I’m showing loyalty and respect

But I’m getting grief mainly from a 

person I held up high

Did it matter?

Did I matter?

Does she matter as a child?

I mean that’s what all others call her

She seems umm done up top

But she’s not and is not too bright

To others, graduating with a bs degree

does not mean you are smart bc you

are smarter than a non hs graduate

That does not mean that you are anything

and you don’t even know your father 

Yet you are acting impish?

You stole most of my belongings when

you were a kid and you abandoned yours

and your secretive bs is nonsensical

and that word is too much for you

I don’t care what you think you did when

you spent most days in a car completely drunk

I wanted to believe in you like others and

you epic failed and you and others do not 

come close to knowing me, my life, what

I had to pay for, deal with, what I’m worth, earned or otherwise 


9 thoughts on “I’m just not myself

  1. Woooow, the unspeakable truth is never tongue tied to lash!

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  2. kristianw84 says:

    Sometimes life completely sucks! I’m sorry. Unfortunately, when something tragic happens you find who truly is in your corner. I was let down so much in the past year, mainly by someone I had called my best friend for 15+ years. After my mother died she didn’t even bother to send me so much as a text message to see if I was alright, while a couple of my other friends held me and cried right along with me. It was a total wake up call!

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