@ShashaSelflove 1/24/17 I’m Done


Ever hit the point of exhaustion? Not tired and a nap will solve it type of tired, you hit that point where people are talking to you and you tell them to stop speaking to you. Drained to the point where you have no trouble saying how you really feel without saying one curse word. Depleted to extreme where you find yourself advocating for yourself because there is no other option.

I am there. Like right now. I am done. I am good about explaining what I can and cannot do, but when there is the expectation that I am suppose to be subservient to an authority that doesn’t exist I hit the wall. My answer is, “I am done”, not thank you and I am no longer cooperating.

I am done apologizing and I am done acting like my contributions aren’t worthy of praise. I am done not taking…

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