I have gone from elite to hated

To be looked at favorably to disdain

I am almost at a point of contempt from them

This sucks as I am the real person not talking

behind their backs

As if a knife struck at my spine, I can’t fight back

Out here a person like me in any fight loses and

possibly arrested

I am a monster now and instead of asking I get


I get even the closest telling shit built inside their

micro brain

Things said to people they do not know about a person

they were to dumb when younger to know

Let alone to be bossed around be these types while I am

always here to help

It makes me claw at the walls and could SPLIT in the beast

Then they would get what they paid for from me to THEM..

Kill me or wait for my turn if you press me

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey







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