New Years 14 Day workout Day 12

OK today is honestly vomit day. If you are in shape and go as hard as you should you will probably vomit. For others please choose doing less as this is a fast paced hardcore workout.

To start on a treadmill or outside run as far and as fast as you can. Rest 30 seconds and do as many bicycle crunches that you can and immediately do a long plank hold. Anchor this with another run or a hard bike route. Take 90 seconds and then start doing squats, either with or without weight and then do squat thrusts and go back and forth 4xs with no rest.Finish off by doing curls, triceps overhead extensions, jumping jacks, punches and running in place until you can’t for 2 sets with 60 seconds of rest…Whew, that is tiring:)


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