Split review, slight spoilers…

Another in a long list of M Night Shyamalan movies. As normally expected there are always several plot twists and turns. That was not really the case here and the way the movie developed you sort of had a damn good idea where the movie was headed. Except an end of movie unique cameo.

James McAvoy plays his part pretty well as a DID patient with 23 personalities and is awaiting a 24th that must feed. He kidnaps three girls, two together and another after. You can’t tell where they are being kept and he comes to the girls as different personalities and goes to his psychiatrist to put out fires that other personalities warn of and that is they need help and a beast is coming.

Only one of the girls character is shown through flashbacks and that tells it’s own tale. The psychiatrist foolishly, like many others in other movies both dramas and comedies does something dumb and visits him where he lives. I know big effing mistake. The manifestation takes place as if it was on a timer.

Like I said to start you know where this is going and it does not really disappoint but it was less dark than some of M Night’s earlier movies. It is worthy of a look if you are trying to stay off The Oscar race movies spotlight. I normally see them all and I have managed to see none of them:).


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