I hate it when I have to beat someone down 

This crap happens daily. Morons who think bc they’re not white they scare others. It’s sort of reverse racism. They think they can do things they can’t.

Today’s example is a slightly older waffling schmuck harassing some woman who told him to leave her alone. I’m checking my cards rating at a adobo and this moron asks if I was talking to him and I said walk away. He, like many others said the same stupid stuff grade of you don’t know what you’re dealing with. I laughed uncontrollably, he swung a beer bottle badly and I motioned to come forward six times and waited. He got clis and I pushed him 20 feet. I could’ve done a lot more and he started cursing and I laughed again and said walk away or you won’t be able to. These idiots run rampant. Yesterday was someone driving on the wrong side of the road at 2 pm and almost hit and honked uncontrollably at me. I followed him and cursed his dumb ass out. I’m damn close to hurting someone badly.


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