Toruk and Xander Cage review

Toruk was cool but I wished there was a way to have a live show in 3d. The movies 3d was so awesome I saw it wayyy too many times and it did not much at the box office to start but stayed in theaters 30 plus weeks to boost it’s sales. Nonetheless, I liked the show and it is on tour and I give it a thumbs up to see:).

The return of Xander Cage was pretty cool but in light of the Furious8 trailer, team and family always being his deal this was a bit weak. It was dressed up with a lot of youth and Vin as a kickass 40 plus year old rocking triple x games stuff seems a bit tired and they needed fresh meat. They did get a good supporting cast. Vin is his normal self in this after the dark Furious trailer and it is a good watch. If you like Vin you willlike this. If you realize how many movies he is in you might dislike it. But it is fun…

I do look forward to seeing Split after seeing both The Packers And Steelers imploding, handing the favorites the game missing field goals, fumbling balls in the redzone, throwing interceptions when set to score enough that they made both The Falcons and Patriots look a lot better than they truly are and this is my Friday and have a 5th appointment to get my wifi speed tom where it should be at. I have to wait again, then head down, pay my cell, see a movie and get my dinner on…


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