The new fast n furious

It went away wayyyy away from the family issue and it went from being for Paul Walker to honoring him to having what may seem like nothing about him or Dom’s sister.

 This trailer has lots of comments with just regular ppl plugging reasons into to what you are about to see. One thing is for sure,VinDiesel has a big year coming up and despite this dark look at ff franchise with two more filming as this one wraps it has possible mind control, kidnapping and other conspiracies all different from Letty being brain wiped and reborn. This is different and certainly not seemingly what Vin said prior regarding Paul Walker as this would still have some of him in it and it being for him and thus seems speculative.


One thought on “The new fast n furious

  1. yassy says:

    It s been released here right across where I live.


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