Got reacquainted with The Strip today

I had a lot to do and finally made up there today. I went by bike and then walked it all over as I wanted to find a few things fir when I go to Monday Night Raw. I found the arena and their parking lot is shared with The NY NY casino, which is an MGM grand property. There are malls and a time n of casinos slammed into easy walking areas just 13 years ago and now it’s ridiculous.

 I chose not to run into every garage to see if they have a bike rack except at T-Mobile as they do. I made my friend eat of two calls and was told no by each. Somewhat surprised as I plan to make a day of it in a month. I’d rather not sit in a cab in traffic to go 2.5 miles and cost 20 plus each way and just ride or take the bus up and walk back as it’s not far. I’ll make decisions.


5 thoughts on “Got reacquainted with The Strip today

  1. yassy says:

    Paul see if you can access my site now. The WP folks have been so helpful


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